• architecturalmodelmaskedforfeature

    3D Architectural Models

    Building and planning projects take an immense amount of foresight. Even a minor mistake can bring a project to its knees and can cost hundreds of thousands to fix. That’s why so many project planners use scale models to visualize their projects, saving many headaches down the road. However, the modeling process is often time […]

  • flange-piece

    End-use Parts

      Without the expense and lead time of traditional tooling or machining, FDM can produce end-use parts tough enough for integration into your final product. Ideal for building small quantities of parts while waiting for tooling, or eliminating tooling altogether. FDM Technology makes it possible to get your or products to market faster.

  • robotic-hand

    Functional Prototypes

        As your product’s design evolves from concept to functional prototype, FDM plays an important role in testing. FDM functional prototypes allow you to test in real-world environments and make decisions that have a dramatic effect on the cost to manufacture your product.

  • dino-head

    Concept Models

      Effectively evaluate, optimize and communicate your prototype design with FDM concept models. Used in early stages of product development, FDM models reduce costs and shorten development timelines.

  • formlabs sla-2391

    Formlabs SLA

  • engineering grade fdm-2386

    Engineering Grade FDM

  • art preservation-7891

    Art Preservation

  • preopplanning-8740

    CAT Data to Models Saves Lives

    Pre-operative Planning a Better Way At Parts Oven we can take CT data (DICOM) and create solid 3D models. These models are then printed in engineering grade ABS and simulate real bone, helping surgeons across the country with their pre-op planning studies. The veterinarians using our models report significant time savings during real life operations. Equating […]

  • short run manufacturing-7884

    FDM for Short-run Manufacturing

    Short-run Manufacturing: No tooling required   Tool-up has always been the biggest barrier to entry for manufacturing, that prevents many projects from every being realised. However, with additive manufacturing no tool-up is necessary, breaking down this barrier and opening up a whole new chapter in manufacturing. And with a massive array of material options now available 3D Printing is now becoming a staple […]

  • taz6printing-2379

    Nylon Parts Printing

      Nylon is here! With a high elongation and low brittle modulus, nylon is well suited for high impact applications. Great for cases, and end use parts that require industrial strength.